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Yachting in Croatia - Not Just For The Super Rich

Welcome to stunning Croatia, a country full of history, friendly locals, and plenty of adventure to dive into. The object of desire on many a traveler's wish list, this historic destination has many attractions to draw you in. Framed by the flawless Adriatic Sea, Croatia's waters are untouched by industry making it an unbelievable destination for enjoying life on the water. Because of this, it has become the premier destination for yacht chartering in the world, and it's just getting started.

It may be shocking to hear, but yacht chartering isn't just for the super-rich. Whether you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime epic family reunion, a wedding, an exciting group corporate trip, or an intimate family escape. Chartering a yacht in Croatia may be closer to reality than you think. Here are some things I learned during my recent yachting trip with Goolets in Croatia on the yacht Ohana.

Introduction to Goolets

Goolets is a yacht brokerage that helps those planning their dream yachting vacation find the perfect yacht and customize a magical experience. They are a family owned business working with only locally owned Croatian yachts to give you the most authentic and luxurious yachting experience you can have in Croatia. The name Goolets is derived from the word Gulet, a type of sailing vessel made in turkey that is often found sailing the Croatian coastline as well. The company began in Turkey and is rapidly expanding around the world, specializing now in Croatia and Turkey.

When it comes to planning a yacht charter, there's a lot to keep in mind. You may mistakenly believe you want the biggest and shiniest toy in the sea, but that won't guarantee you a successful trip. It's important to work with a concierge that can help you identify the goals and desires of your trip. A bachelor party would look much different than a family trip in terms of itinerary, food, and entertainment. It can be an intimate and personal experience planning a trip like this, which is why you should choose a company that specializes in the details that can take your trip from great to the experience of a lifetime. Goolets' stand-out personal service will ensure your trip is seamless from boarding to disembarkment.

A Makeover Story

Not long ago the yachting business in Croatia operated mainly on a cabin rental basis. Similar to a cruise ship, you would pay your cabin rate and the ship would tell you where you were going, and what you would be eating with very few customizations available. Today, the industry is changing. More and more yachts are converting to a chartering model, putting more options in the hands of their very discerning passengers. You get the opportunity to provide feedback on the itinerary and customize the trip based on interests such as food, art, history, or entertainment. You can also customize the menu with accommodations for special dietary concerns such as allergies.

What you invest & What you get

Once upon a time chartering a yacht was seen only for the rich and famous, but today it's a realistic dream you can actually attain. With many yachts chartering from 40k to 80k Euro per week, you can realistically fill a boat with friends, family, or co-workers from 1.5k to 3k Euro per person for the entire week plus food and drink. Your trip will include staff, a chef, luxury amenities, and a customizable itinerary. This competes with any luxury vacation I've ever gone on!

Goolets' Philosophy

I love how much intention Goolets' has put into their heartfelt philosophy of supporting locals, expanding the yachting industry, and creating a competitive and accessible marketplace for yachting in Croatia. Luxury travel and personal service don't have to be out of reach. Your dream of yachting in Croatia is closer than you think!

Check out for more information or to start your yachting experience.

Until then,

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West



Amy West


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