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100 Things To Do In Jacksonville Before You Die

Today I want to introduce to you my debut book as a published author “100 Things To Do in Jacksonville Before You Die”. I also want to thank all my readers, my friends, family, and supportive local businesses for helping make it a continued success. This book is the culmination of over 3 decades residing in Jacksonville, and ten years covering Jacksonville as part of my travel and lifestyle beat. I’ve fallen in love with my city over the years, after believing (like so many) that there wasn’t anything to do here. Obviously, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and for those with adventurous spirits, you will find things to do in Jacksonville. In fact, there were so many things to do, I couldn’t possibly fit them all in this book! Keep reading for a bonus “10 Things To Do” in Jax.

It seems fitting that on the one-year anniversary of my book about things to do in Jacksonville,I should finally do an announcement on my blog about it! Better late than never they say, and I’ve known businesses to do Grand Openings up to a year later so my timing is perfect right? In truth I am late. It’s been a crazy few years, and if you subscribe to my newsletter I’ll give you a proper update soon.

Amy West at a book signing
Author Amy West with her first book

100 Things To Do in Jacksonville Before You Die” is an easy read about things to do in Jacksonville. Each page features a new destination with expert tips to make your planning easier. In the back, you’ll find a full index of all the destinations in addition to suggested itineraries by season, and social activity.

100 Things To Do in Jacksonville on a bookshelf

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Has anyone done all 100?

A: I haven’t met anyone yet, but when you do, please give me a shout!

Q: Have you done them all?

A: I’m not ready to die ;), so there’s at least one I’m holding out on.

Q: In the world of Covid, have any of these destinations shut down?

A: I tried to keep a focus on the “iconic, legendary, and multi-generational” destinations. Having said that, there are at least two of these iconic destinations that have sadly had to shutter their doors due to Covid times.

Q: What’s the number one thing you’d tell people not to miss?

A: That is such a tough question because there are so many! Having said that, there are five categories and each one features a few personal favorites of mine. Places like The Ritz-Carlton’s award-winning restaurant Salt, or my favorite outdoor market the Riverside Arts Market.

Q: How long did it take you to write?

A: All together from start to finish it took me four months. I buckled down and completed the manuscript from January to April 1st of 2020. I came out of my writing bubble just in time for Covid to lock everything down for a few months. Big bummer. Even though it only took me four months to put it all down, the book is definitely the culmination of my time residing in Jacksonville and covering it as a destination so really it’s more than three decades worth of experience, and I’m proud to honor my city with my first published manuscript.

Q: For someone who is a native and very active, is there anything new?

A: Yes! I included a few newer destinations as well as some curveballs. I wanted to honor the most iconic things to do, so many of these are obvious choices, but I also wanted to surprise and delight those who have lived here a long time and give them new inspiration to explore their city and find out there are more things to do in Jacksonville.

Amy West at a book signing

Ideas on how to use the book:

  1. Give it to your kids and tell them to find things they want to do in Jacksonville

  2. Use the itineraries in the back to plan fun times with friends, date nights, and family days

  3. Makes a great gift! Give this to new residents, or natives who are bored and looking for new things to do.

  4. The perfect gift for someone who has it all

  5. Stocking Stuffers

  6. Put it in your guest room, air BnB, or vacation rental

  7. Great gifts for co-workers and board members

100 Things To Do in Jacksonville on a bookshelf

More Things To Do in Jacksonville Before You Die:

  1. Shop Rethreaded’s Gift Shop

  2. Indulge at Catullo’s Italian

  3. Take a Slingshot ride through town

  4. Take a tour of Secret Jacksonville with author Bill Delaney ( and grab a copy of his new book of the same title)

  5. Welcome the Holidays with the Jacksonville Light Boat Parade

  6. Visit Friendship Fountain

  7. Attend a Concert at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

  8. Cosplay at the Dickens on Centre in Fernandina

  9. Boost your Culinary Skills at Jax Cooking Studio

  10. Don’t forget the Sprinkles at May Day Ice Cream

100 Things To Do in Jacksonville Book at Flask and Cannon with a cocktail

Where to find my book in Jax:

Amy West signing books

Anywhere books are sold my book is available to order. In many of these locations, you will find signed copies, but you can also purchase directly from me and I’ll ship you a signed copy with some bonus material.

I want to give special thanks to my publisher Reedy Press, who honored me by asking me to write this book about things to do in Jacksonville and join their best-selling series of travel books. You can find more great books like this one on their website about a host of other cities in the states and beyond.

What other things are there to do in Jacksonville?

I’m excited to reveal that I have been contracted with Reedy Press for yet another great title for Jacksonville. In Fall of 2022 we will add “Jax Scavenger” to the growing list of cities Reedy is including in their scavenger hunt series. Get excited, you’re going to have more things to do in Jacksonville with this exciting hunt! Stay tuned for more info including details about what the first person who solves all the clues will win!

Do you do signings?

I am available for book signings, book talks, media events, and market events. Shoot me an email at for more information.

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported my book over the last year, and for those of you looking for great gifts, think local! I’m happy to sign if you need them.

Until then,

Enjoy the Journey!

xo~Amy West

Amy West at a book signing with her family



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