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Yachting In Croatia | Your Next Group Trip

Luxury In Reach On Yacht Cristal In Croatia

Planning your next group trip and looking for something truly luxurious, strikingly set apart, and customizable? Consider chartering a Dalmatico Super Yacht for your next holiday. Whether it be for a family reunion, corporate trip, or destination wedding, the trip of a lifetime awaits when you board Yacht Cristal, a member of Goolets DS Yachts off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

As part of the smart yachting movement, these DS yachts are packed with all the amenities you would expect from a luxurious yachting experience anywhere else in the world, but at a much more competitive price. They also use 70% less fuel than traditioal super yachts and are incredibly spacious.

With room for up to 30 passengers, Yacht Cristal boasts an impressive 48.9 meters in length, 11 crew members, and a sleek reimagination in 2024.

luxurious amenities await on Yacht Cristal

Yacht Cristal is the perfct romantic destination

Amy and David West enjoy Yacht Cristal

The Number One Yachting Destination

Croatia is swiftly becoming the yachting capital of the world as travel seekers flock to the stunning Adriatic for the temperate weather, delicious food, and incredible luxury that's more approachable than you'd imagine.

Croatian yachts are set apart with impeccable design, five-star service, and stunning views only the Adriatic can offer. Rich in history and natural wonders, Croatia is one of the most hospital destinations you'll ever visit.

David West enjoys water sports in Croatia

Yacht Cristal offers a variety of water sport activities

An Experience Crafted For Your Distinguished Taste

Every cruise is customizable for your party, from the food to the entertainment. Looking for a tour of the local island you dropped anchor at? They can arrange that. Need five start dining with special dietary restrictions? No problem. Craft cocktails, or fresh juice? Yes! The crew is prepared to meet your needs in every way possible. Enjoy days of water sports, from paddle boarding, jet-skis, water slides, kayaks, and more! And don't miss an opportunity to watch a sunset from the deck with a glass of local wine.

Sophisticated and luxurious surroundings keep you comfortable and at peace, while you set sail on one of the world's cleanest waterways. There's no industry on the coastlines of Croatia, so the waters are not polluted. The perfect place to play all day!

World class dining awaits you on Yacht Cristal

relax on yacht Cristal's sundeck

Unforgettable In Every Way

Set sail on a romantic adventure with Yacht Cristal as you follow a course for magical memories. Visit a variety of Croatian islands where you can hike, explore history, and dine like the locals.

You might think something like this would run in the millions for a week of luxury on the Adriatic, but with Yacht Cristal, luxury is at your fingertips. Prices average around $4,000 to $5,000 per person for a week!

Amy West and husband step off of Yacht Cristal

Amy and David West lounge on yacht Cristal's sun deck

Our experience on Yacht Cristal was unforgettable. From the moment we stepped on board the staff took care of our every need and curated the trip of our dreams. This is one of the most stand-out group travel experience you will ever plan. It might just become your new tradition. To reserve your Super Yacht vacation visit .

Until then....

Enjoy the Journey!

xo - Amy West

  • I was a guest of Goolets on Yacht Cristal. However, all opinions on this review are my own.



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