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True or False : Insider Access to 7 Dirty Little Travel Secrets

Amy West on airplane

Always looking for the edge when it comes to travel I recently happened upon a blog covering 21 secrets of travel. Curious how many of these little tips, tricks, and hacks were true I sought out my friend Rhoda, a flight attendant for Delta, to find out just how true the story was. Here are the facts on seven of these dirty little travel secrets.

1. Bribing the Flight Attendants Will Earn You Freebies

False: I’m sure the flight attendants would appreciate the special treat but tipping and lavish gifts won’t necessarily earn you anything special. Didn’t your momma ever teach you to give without expecting anything in return?

little girl on airplane

2. Germs – Planes are Full of Them

True: Stay away from those blankets and pillows. Also avoid drinking tea and coffee, those water holding tanks they use to make your hot drinks are full of grime.

airplane in sky

3. Your Pilot is Sleeping Most of the Time

False: Maybe they could (thanks to autopilot), but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would. There is accountability.

little girl at airport

4.The Use of Cell Phones Will Interfere With the Plane’s Electronics

False: The FCC claims the use of cell phones interferes with cell towers. However each year we see those restrictions lighten… time will tell just how light they will end up.

wing of airplane

5. If a Plane is Hijacked the Pilot will Leave the Wing Flaps Up During Landing

False: Our source couldn’t give details due to security reasons but confirmed that this is false. Thankfully I’m sure the airline folks have worked out some other genius security protocals in the event of a crisis of this nature.

mom and daughter on plane

6. You Can Unlock the Lavatory From the Outside

True: In most cases. However this may depend on aircraft.

inside of airplane with lights down

7. Lights Dim Upon Landing in Case of Emergency Evacuation

True: This ensures that cabin crew and passengers eyes are already adjusted in case of an emergency evacuation.

How many did you guess right? Do you have any other travel secrets you’d like to reveal or myths you’d like to bust? I’d love to read your comments below!

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

Watch me discuss these dirty little secrets on The Chat here.

Amy West on airplane



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