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8 Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling With Friends

three friends enjoying a getaway together

I’ve been on quite a few trips with friends and let’s just say it can it can be an enlightening experience that changes the course of your life and brings you even closer to your BFFs, or it could potentially crush a relationship. As a professional travel writer I personally think it’s a great idea to get away with friends and seek out new adventures together. However, before you go, you might want to keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind for a more successful journey.

four friends and their shoes

1. Do: Communicate Liberally

When it comes to travel with friends, you really can’t over communicate. You need to discuss budget, what kind of experience you are seeking, and what your priorities are for the trip just to get started. This is especially important if you live in different places.

Don’t: Be Vague

This isn’t a time to worry about feelings. You need to discuss thoroughly so you are all on the same page. I speak from personal experience as a people pleaser, if you fail to speak your mind, no one will be happy.

2. Do: Share the Planning

This is a trip you all share. If only one person does the planning you might not end up getting the experience you hoped for.

Don’t: Assume your friend who likes to plan wants to be a tour guide

They don’t.

two friends on the Pacific Coast

3. Do: Be Committed

This means you are purpose to be your best for the entirety of the trip from planning to take off and landing. Trust is vital. If your friends can’t rely on you, it’s going to be a rocky trip.

Don’t: Be flaky

Bailing out at the last minute could ruin the entire trip for everyone involved. Losing your motivation mid trip turns you into extra baggage. No one wants to drag around someone who isn’t into the trip.

four friends and their socks

4. Do: Choose Your Travel Buddy Wisely

Well-traveled friends may struggle with novice travelers if they aren’t prepared to pace themselves and help their friends learn. Keep in mind your level of travel experience and be realistic about what kind of pace you intend to go with.

Don’t: Overestimate how much your travel buddy knows

Make sure you are both confident in where you are going and what you are doing. A novice traveler may struggle with more insecurities on how to get around, especially if there is a language barrier.

Two friends in Malta

5. Do: Bring a Positive Attitude and Good Energy

Don’t take things personally or make things personal when you communicate.

Don’t: Be afraid to take time for yourself each day

Find your center and bring your best self to the trip.

6. Do: Be Adventurous

Traveling is all about embracing the unknown and discovering new things.

Don’t: Be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

It’s important to know what kind of traveler you are (i.e. being an observer vs a doer) but part of the joy of traveling with friends is embracing your differences and trying things their way.

Four friends in South Georgia

7. Do: Be Present

You choose to come on this trip with your friend. Try to be mindful and be in the moment.

Don’t: Spend all your time on the phone talking to your significant other or announcing every detail on social media.

Take pics and load them later. Use your private time to communicate with your loved ones at home.

Five friends take a selfie

8. Do: Agree On What Makes You Feel Safe

What one person thinks is safe may be frightening to another. Being in a strange place immersed in a new culture can be invigorating for some and set others off balance.

Don’t: Downplay how your friend feels.

Respect is critical to relationships especially when traveling.

Do you travel often with your friends? Share your tricks and tips in the comments below!

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West



Amy West


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