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In your hands you’re not just holding words on paper,
you’re holding the key to unlock the hidden treasures
of Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville Scavenger
takes you on an epic adventure through over 20 of
Jacksonville’s most beloved neighborhoods. Discover

natural wonders, architectural marvels, and little-
known historical tributes. If you think you know

Jacksonville now, just wait until you unravel the
experience ahead.
Explore small fishing villages, local distilleries,
ancient oak trees, and famous skate parks. Meander
through some of Jacksonville’s oldest cemeteries,
admire public artworks, and locate a hidden park
under one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in the
nation. Join travel expert and author of 100 Things to
Do in Jacksonville Before You Die Amy West as she
takes you on an exciting journey across one of the
nation’s most expansive cities.
From the beaches to the swamps and throughout
its concrete jungle, you’ll get to immerse yourself
in Jacksonville like never before as you embrace the
unknown and unfold the mysteries of Jacksonville
Scavenger. Modern-day treasure hunters, families of
all ages, geocachers, and gamers will love the challenge
of solving over 300 clues. Be the first to solve all the
riddles and you might just win some real treasure.
Head to for more information on
joining the interactive hunt.

Jacksonville Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Jacksonville's Hidden Treasures

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