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My Perfect Day in Jacksonville with 5-hour ENERGY® shots

Woman drinking a 5 Hour Energy by the river in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is full of local flavor, and coastal charm. As a resident for more than 20 years, I’m more in love with Jax than ever before. Want to know all my favorite local gems? I’m teaming up with 5-hour ENERGY® to experience and share with you “My Perfect Day in Jacksonville”. From the St Johns River to the Atlantic Ocean, I’m showcasing the Art, Culture, and Activities you must experience in Jax in 24 Hours. Hang tight, it’s going to be a big day, and all the way I’ll be staying powered up with 5-hour ENERGY® shots!

Although this blog is in association with 5-hour ENERGY® shots, all opinions expressed in this blog are completely my own.

Mother and daughters wait for balloon animals

The Riverside Arts Market is a local favorite for good reason. Every Saturday from 10am-3pm you can find local makers, food vendors, farmers, and artists convening in one iconic location under the Fuller Warren Bridge. Each Saturday The Riverside Arts Market (affectionately known as RAM by the locals) is visited by more than 4,000 guests. Both family friendly and fur baby friendly, there is always something new and exciting happening at RAM. We especially love the live music that’s featured in the amphitheater. You’ll hear everything from folk to pop and maybe even participate in crowd voting for favorite cosplay outfit or pet costumes.

Amy West and daughters London and Sienna at Riverside Arts Market

It’s a lively destination filled with great finds and good eats. If you need to shop for a gift, this is the perfect place to find that unique local treasure made right here in Jax. For our family, a visit to RAM always includes a purchase of fresh made kettle corn and either face painting for our girls or some playful balloon creations. Although the weather gets toasty in the summer, the shade provided by the bridge and the breeze coming off the river always seem to keep the temperature comfortable. It’s an idyllic setting, and one I had to include in my Perfect Day round up.

Price- Admission to Riverside Arts Market is free for all.

Woman sitting by a reflecting pool at Cummer Gardens

Steps away from the Riverside Arts Market lies The Cummer Museum and Gardens, one of Jacksonville’s most treasured iconic destinations brimming with art, history, and interactive fun for the entire family. With over 5,000 pieces in it’s permanent collection, The Cummer’s exhibits are always thoughtfully curated to inspire and educate. As a creative family it’s a priority to us to immerse our children in the arts, and The Cummer Museum and Gardens is the perfect place to do so.

Woman dancing in front of art

For this visit our girls explored the hands-on children’s area learning to sculpt, design, and interact with replicas of art pieces children don’t typically get to touch and feel. Another highlight of the visit included roaming the Cummer’s 2.5 acres of gardens lining the St Johns river. The garden’s early 20th century design make it a serene place to wander in solitude marveling at nature’s exquisite beauty.

Price – Admission ranges from $6 to $10

Woman and daughter share icecream and smiles

Homemade ice cream with a unique story behind its inspiration, Mayday Artisan Ice Cream is the perfect mid-day treat. Mayday is local to Jacksonville and St Augustine, and a fine example of local culinary craft. Powered by a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, I was energized and ready to keep up with our kids as we made our way to Mayday for the first time. Their Jacksonville location is incredibly charming located in an atrium style building surrounded by glass.

Inspired by World War Two pilots who made a way to craft ice cream during their flights, Mayday’s branding reflects the decor of days gone by and seemingly transports you to another era. Each scoop was piled generously on top of the other on Mayday’s homemade waffle cones and topped with complimentary home made sprinkles. I loved the unique flavors especially the Coffee & Donuts, and Parent Trap flavors I ordered. Bonus! Mayday’s Ice Cream can be delivered by the pint anywhere in the Southeast for a flat rate.

Price – $12 per pint

A slice of pizza next to a 5 Hour Energy

It’s not a perfect day for me unless it includes both family time, and a date night with my love. After dropping the kids off at grandma’s, my husband David and I headed out for a chill night together. We live at the beach so one of our favorite things to do is take our beach cruisers out for a ride on the beach, and down the boardwalk to V Pizza.

V Pizza is my absolute fav in Jacksonville. They have multiple locations in Jax, however I enjoy the beach location because you have a great view of the pier and ocean. V Pizza prides itself on it’s Neapolitan style pizza prepared in wood fired ovens using only the finest ingredients. Our most popular order? The Margherita with pepperoni wins every time.

Price – $15-$18.5 per pizza. V also includes sandwiches, wings, and salads on its menu.

Amy West taking a selfie at the beach

It really was “The Perfect Day in Jacksonville” and through it all, I stayed powered up thanks to 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

What would you plan on your perfect day? Here’s our itinerary sized up for you to copy and paste for your next perfect day in Jax.


  1. Head to the Riverside Arts Market for snacks, shopping, and live music

  2. Then Visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

  3. Grab a Treat at Jacksonville’s own Mayday Artisan Ice Cream

  4. Drop the Kids at their Grandmas and head to date night

  5. Ride bikes to beach

  6. Grab a slice at V Pizza

Bonus! Enter for a chance to win 5-hour ENERGY®’s Power Up Your Summer Sweepstakes and you might win one of five adventures sponsored by 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

5 Hour Energy sitting under a bridge



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