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10 Most Memorable Beaches Abroad

Woman splashes on the beach in Nevis

From New Zealand to the Caribbean, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some of the most stunning, and private beaches on earth. Here’s my round up of some of the memorable beaches I’ve experienced thus far and what makes them special.

Most Memorable Beaches Abroad

Amy West on a catamaran in st lucia

Costa Rica – Tortuga Island 

Famous for snorkeling, and kayaking. I visited here at age 16 via Catamaran Cruise, and had quite the adventure surfing ocean kayaks on the islands famous 10 foot waves.

Tip: These waters are well known for sharks, so beware. 

Amy West in the water on the Beach

New Zealand – Raglan’s Ngarunui Beach

David and I visited when we were on our honeymoon. The surf in this area is famous for its left hand break. It’s amazing how long you can ride a wave here, they just keep going….. 

Tip: Are you a beginner? There are tons of local classes available for rookie surfers.

Blue Lagoon beach and marina in Malta

This little alcove is a sweet haven for sunbathers and boaters. The crystal clear water is incredibly refreshing and makes viewing marine wildlife easy. 

Tip: Bring snacks. There were food vendors at the entrance, but you have to hike up a lot of stairs to get there. Also arrive early. There is limited space to lay out and it’s a popular destination.

Amy West on Santa Maria beach in Cuba

Slightly less touristy than other beaches near Havana, this beach was a quick 20 min ride from Havana. Hire a convertible classic car, and let your hair free as you get away from the hustle and spend some time in the sun.

Tip: It is very common for the drivers to get pulled over by the local police and have to pay them off.

Amy West in the water on the Beach

Scrub Island, BVI – Honeymooner’s Beach

Only accessible by kayak or private Villa, Honeymooner’s Beach offers ultimate privacy for sunbathers, and lovers. 

Tip: Although the beach is lovely, there are a lot of sea urchins in the water. Beware. I also came home with a healthy case of sea lice from snorkeling in the waters surrounding Scrub Island.

Mexico – Tulum’s Parque Nacional Beach

Hike the clifftop Castillo then find your way down to the shore for a refreshing swim. 

Tip: The currents are extremely strong here. Also, we observed that bikini tops appeared to be optional.

Grab a cabana at Four Seasons Resort and spend your day taking in the sand and sun in a cozy hammock. Pull the curtains back for privacy, or let the light in and enjoy an oceanside lunch on this pristine beach.

Tip: All beaches in Nevis are public beaches, however there was very little traffic on this beach other than resort guests. 

Amy West swims with the pigs in the Abacos

Abacos Bahamas – No Name Cay, Piggyville

The Abacos are full of beautiful beaches, but none more memorable than No Name Cay’s. Here you’ll find Piggyville, where you can feed and swim with wild hogs, and maybe tickle the belly of one of their cute piglets. 

Tip: The Pigs have been known to bite, especially if they are defending their young. I advise you to let the tour guide feed them first to satiate their appetite, then you can visit them when they are full.

Amy West in St Lucia

Whether you reach it by sea, or via your resort, Marigot Bay offers crystal clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling and swimming. We saw colorful marine life and sea turtles during our visit here, and the cool waters were a welcome refreshment from the heat of the tropics. 

Tip: St Lucia by boat is full of stunning views. It’s my favorite way to see an island and visit the most beaches.

Jamaica – Montego Bay

Swimming in Montego Bay was like swimming in a heated pool. Thanks to the surrounding reef, there are very little if not waves to deal with so you can sit back and relax in the transparent sapphire waters.

Tip: As one of the biggest tourist attractions, you will find it’s highly trafficked. Get the most out of this beach early in the morning or from a private resort.

How many of these beaches have you visited? Tell me in the comments below.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo-Amy West

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10 Most Memorable Beaches Abroad



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