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My summer childhood memories are full of that familiar jingle wafting through the air like a Pied Pipers call. You know the one. Can you see the summer heat baking on the pavement while you play in the sprinklers and squeal with delight when you hear that music box song tinkle in the distance? We all ran screaming for the ice cream truck, and for our parents to bring out the change.

Featuring Old Fashioned Favorites

Wouldn't it be awesome if ice cream trucks were still cool today? Wouldn't it blow your mind if they actually offered something good for you? Well, in fact they do. May I introduce to you my friends at 3 Mom's Icrecream Truck.

Based in Jacksonville, FL, 3 Moms Ice Cream offers a refreshingly hip approach to our favorite summer time treat. Owners Jeff and Sophia Olson were inspired by the old fashioned values of yesteryear. Disconcerted over the creepy ice cream trucks that trolled their local park they decided to take matters into their own hands creating the 3 Moms brand. 

Owner Sophia Olson and 1 of the 3 Moms

Owner Jeff Olson
What followed was a wave of excitement from the community embracing 3 Moms and everything they had to offer. Fans love the antique Good Humor truck with its colorful exterior, and funky music. It's a trust inspiring brand providing a place you want your kids to get ice cream from, not one you need to make excuses to avoid. 

Amy West and Crew Enjoying 3 Moms Ice Cream

Beyond the exceptional brand is a rock solid foundation of people who genuinely care. The "3 Moms" are Owner Sophia Olson, her Mother Nancy, and Jeff's Mom Nichol. It's not uncommon to see one of these 3 Mom's on site serving up old fashioned sweets and the healthier options they have become known for providing.
Nancy and Nichol - 2 of the 3 Moms

Where else can you go and find gluten free, dairy free, low cal, low sugar, and all natural options as well as something for man's best friend? This has become a hallmark for their business, as parents like me have children with allergies whom otherwise may have been left out of all the fun and classic memories.
All Natural, Organic, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free Options

Today the 3 Moms brand continues to grow as they have plans to create their own line of icecream sandwiches full of wholesome goodness and a little southern flair. I've had the privilege of getting in on some of the early taste tests and can't wait to try the final masterpieces.
Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches Coming Soon

3 Moms Ice Cream is known for their presence at local cultural events, food truck rally's, and even birthday parties. Their retro truck is also showing up at weddings, church events, and corporate events, making everyones inner child do a little happy dance.
3 Moms Ice Cream is perfect for your next event

3 Moms Ice Cream stands for everything Amy's List supports. Exceptional quality, amazing relationships, and incredible style.
Amy West enjoys her fav organic ice cream sandwich from 3 Moms
To book 3 Moms for your event email them at info@3momsicecream.com or call 904-923-6667.

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

What's your favorite Ice Cream Truck classic? We want to know.

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